BinThe Toddler is a fan of putting things in the bin. In fact, ‘bin’ may have been one of her earliest words. The Toddler likes to instruct Silly Mummy to put things in the bin: ‘Mummy! Bin!’ She likes to inform Silly Mummy that she is putting something in the bin: ‘Ooh bin!’ She likes to report on the events as they unfold on those occasions when The Baby rolls over to the bin and tries to stick her head in it: ‘The Baby! Bin! Naughty!’

We went to town. The Toddler ate some raisins in her pushchair. Whilst in M&S, The Toddler smiled at a shop assistant. The shop assistant smiled back and said, ‘Hello’. The Toddler knows a range of appropriate responses for dealing with just such a situation. She is adept at waving, smiling, saying ‘hello’, even holding out her hand and excitedly squealing, ‘Meet! Meet!’ (by which she means, ‘Pleased to meet you’). Armed with such a rich arsenal of suitable replies to the lady’s ‘hello’, The Toddler imperiously held out her empty raisin box and said, ‘Bin!’

Upon being told by Silly Mummy that it is not polite to hand one’s rubbish to strangers and demand that they put it in the bin, The Toddler considered her actions, nodded wisely and added, ‘Thanks!’ Satisfied that she had now been politely rude, The Toddler smiled charmingly…and continued to hold out her raisin box expectantly.


  1. This made me chuckle, such innocence. She sounds like a proper cheeky monkey, in fact a lot like my daughter. Some of the things she comes out of are so beyond her years its unbelievable. Thank you for linking up to #magicmoments

  2. Oh that is brilliant! Love her being “politely rude” and demanding that the raisin box is put in the bin with “thanks” added as an afterthought. At least it is a little better than just throwing it on the floor, I guess! Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  3. Haha – politely rude is a good start anyway! And awareness of bins is a good thing – hopefully she’ll grow up to be very neat and clean and you’ll never have to shout “Tidy your room!” to her as a teenager… #ftmob

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