DaddyAbout Daddy (‘Silly Daddy’). Daddy reads ‘The Gruffalo’ (with silly voices). Daddy builds forts (with the seat cushions from all the chairs). Daddy does the big slides and the fun rides (18 month old on a ferris wheel, anyone?) Daddy tickles. Daddy throws (balls, toddlers, babies). Daddy chases. Daddy carries. Daddy teaches us to say ‘fart’. (Good work, Daddy. That was a fun few days out in public for Silly Mummy. Thankfully, we are currently on a hiatus from the word, if not the activity.) Daddy sometimes has a beard.

Yes: about that. The Toddler often points at random bearded men and shouts, ‘Daddy!’ This is comical for the following reason. Daddy’s beardedness (when present) falls somewhere in the stubble to moderately bearded range. The men The Toddler points at invariably fall in the ridiculous to Father Christmas range. If it wasn’t for (a) the anonymity of the blog, and (b) Silly Mummy’s feeling that it is probably inappropriate to photograph either random men or their beards, this would by now have led to a feature. The feature would involve pictures of Daddy and pictures of random bearded men The Toddler has yelled ‘daddy’ at. The feature would be called #BeardyDaddy (don’t really get hashtags, #gettinginvolvedanyway). There would be a special ‘Beardy Daddy, The Prequel’ edition, featuring a picture of Silly Mummy’s Daddy and a picture of Ian Botham, who Silly Mummy believed was also Daddy for much of the early eighties.

The Toddler has a few things to say on the subject of Daddy.

Daddy’s tickles: ‘Oh, Daddy, no! No, Daddy!…More gain! More tickles!’

Breakfast with Daddy: ‘Eat brekkie. Watch chugga. Daddy eaty food.’ Apparently, they watch Chuggington, then.

Dancing with Daddy (the Hokey Cokey, this is evidently not optional): ‘In out shake it all about, Daddy. Doing in out now, Daddy!’

Things Daddy says on the telephone (The Toddler is speaking to ‘Daddy’ on her tricycle’s toy phone): ‘The Toddler speak Daddy. Hello, Daddy. Mummy speak.’ Mummy dutifully takes the phone to speak to Daddy, as instructed. The Toddler snatches the phone back. Mummy is not speaking to Daddy. The Toddler is speaking to Daddy. The Toddler hangs up. Silly Mummy asks, ‘What did Daddy say?’
‘Moo! Cow. Chicka. Monkey. Daddy monkey.’ Wow. Daddy is quite the telephone conversationalist.

Seeing Daddy outside her bedroom window: ‘Daddy climby wall!’ Daddy did once climb the wall to work on the roof. The Toddler now checks for daddies ‘climbying’ walls every time she looks out of her window.

Daddy returning home: ‘Daddy get home now!’ The Toddler says this when it is close to the time Daddy usually returns from work. It is not an observation: it is a command. (The Baby concurs with The Toddler: ‘A rah rah rah! A rah!’ Indeed.)

The Baby has something to say on the subject of Daddy, too: ‘Dada! Dada!’

The Toddler and The Baby have things to say about Daddy, but they don’t yet have the words they need to say all there is to say. If they did, they would tell you that Daddy is fun, Daddy is loving, Daddy is practical, Daddy is brave, Daddy is strong. (Daddy is also, of course, Batman. The Toddler does have the words for that.) They love Daddy.

Silly Mummy has words, so she will try to tell you about her own Dad (Grandad Grumps). Her clever, loving, strong, supportive, amazing Dad. Her Dad, who is always there for her, who has done so much for her, and who she loves more than she can say. Her Dad, the proud, doting – and very loved – Grandad.

Silly Mummy will also tell you about Grandad Pop, Silly Daddy’s Dad. Another strong and loving father, who taught Silly Daddy to be a father. A man who adores The Toddler and The Baby, and Silly Daddy; and who they adore in return.

This is a blog about the things The Toddler talks about, and these – the strong and loving daddies of our families – are (quite rightly) some of The Toddler’s favourite things to talk about (and some of The Baby’s favourite people to shout nonsense at).

Silly Mummy, The Toddler and The Baby wish a Happy Father’s Day* to the wonderful Silly Daddy, and to the two wonderful Dads who are now also wonderful Grandads. We love you very much.

(*’Happy Birthday!’ says The Toddler, confused by the presents.)

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  1. Talya says:

    Love this special Father’s Day edition. This one here – Daddy’s tickles: β€˜Oh, Daddy, no! No, Daddy!…More gain! More tickles!’

    This could have been my girl exactly word for word! #sundaystars

  2. Ah I love the things little ones say, my toddler loves ‘daddy glasses’ more than anything else, and my six year old has a list of ‘beardy mans’ which he adds anyone with a beard on to! Thanks for linking to #sundaystars

    • Silly Mummy says:

      Little ones do say the best things. I love the idea of a ‘beardy mans’ list! Is he monitoring the ‘beardy mans’ for any reason?? Thanks for reading!

    • Silly Mummy says:

      It is a little embarrassing! Though it can be funny when the random strangers look scared! Mine was shouting ‘Daddy’ near a random man once (not even at him – she was just talking about daddy!) & he looked really concerned – I think he thought we were accusing him of paternity! Thanks for reading.

    • Silly Mummy says:

      Thank you! I recall tickles, but not whether he taught me ‘fart’! Someone did, though, & I doubt it was my Mum, so Dad is a likely culprit! Thanks for reading.

  3. What a great fun post, a lovely read πŸ™‚ all good dads should be celebrated like yours (both of you toddler and mummy) clearly loved and loving.

    (Sneaky self publicising bit) I run a linky (just started on Monday for posts by dads or about them, I’d love if you linked up πŸ™‚ (It’s not a huge linky yet).

  4. Al Ferguson says:

    Ah, what a lovely post. Ted goes swimming and the man there has a beard a bit like daddy’s. He always point and smiles and waves and then looks a bit confused. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing it on #bigfatlinky Jen- Mrs Dad Network

  5. Jenny says:

    Oh what an awesome tribute to Daddy. I love this and so true though for Daddy in our house too. Why do toddler point in public at bearded men and shout Daddy… mine do it too! And my husband has no stubble at all and they are pointing at those father christmas types too. It’s unknown to me but hilarious at the same time. Glad I am not alone. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • Silly Mummy says:

      Thank you! Yes, what is this beardy daddy phenomenon?? There are apparently loads of kids out there doing it!

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