Doctor Toddler Has Been Suspended…So Has Hairdresser Toddler

The Toddler’s main professions continue to be medicine and hairdressing. Thankfully, she has mostly (well, sometimes) stopped trying to combine the two. (Still, Jeremy Hunt is unlikely to be happy when he finds out the toddler doctors have the spare time to be moonlighting as hairdressers. Who on earth is going to be available to deal with Michael Gove’s minor injuries?!)

The Toddler is doing a spot of hairdressing on Silly Daddy’s Cousin. The Toddler does appear to have moved on from requiring her clients to do her hair, but may still be slightly missing who the focus of the hairdressing experience is supposed to be.

Cousin is trying to teach The Toddler some hairdressing conventions, telling her: ‘You say, “Are you going anywhere nice on holiday?”‘
The Toddler nods: ‘Yes, I am.’ The Toddler is very pleased to see her clients showing an interest in her holidays and weekends.

The Toddler has finished Cousin’s hair cut. Cousin is happy with the results: ‘Thank you – I love it!’
The Toddler, of course, politely expresses that she is pleased her client is satisfied with her work. No, she doesn’t. She announces: ‘I’m going on my holiday!’ She marches off.

In doctoring news, it is the living room and Doctor Toddler is needed. The Toddler has some concerns about Silly Mummy, who was minding her own business.
‘I’m over here looking at your belly. It’s not very well. I’m going to have to be doctor. Maybe I can fix it.’
Silly Mummy hadn’t even noticed this belly problem, but is relieved that a toddler doctor is on hand to try to fix it (even if she does sound a bit grudging about having to be a doctor).

The Toddler just needs to transform herself into Doctor Toddler first. She picks up her doctor’s coat. She puts the coat down again, and starts taking off her top: ‘Need to take this off first.’ Despite Silly Mummy’s protests that doctor’s coats are traditionally worn over clothes, The Toddler is now removing her trousers: ‘Just need to take these off.’ The Toddler is now naked. She puts on her doctor’s coat, and gets distracted by how pretty she looks as a doctor, forgetting all about Silly Mummy’s recently discovered ailment: ‘Can I spin around in it?’ However, The Toddler quickly notices a problem with her new ‘dress’, which seems to be hanging a bit loosely, almost as though there should be clothes under it: ‘Think I’m a bit small for this dress.’

Doctor Toddler moves on from her sartorial concerns to deal with the medical issue at hand: ‘Right then, I need to cut your hair.’ No, The Toddler: wrong job! The Toddler is not listening: ‘Have to be careful with scissors. Very sharp.’ Very sensible, The Toddler, but Silly Mummy’s belly does not want a haircut!

‘Let me do something with medicine.’ The Toddler appears to be back on track as a doctor. She picks up some tweezers: ‘What is this?’ Silly Mummy informs her they are tweezers.
‘What me do with them?’ Silly Mummy explains that they can be used for removing splinters. The Toddler has other ideas. Careening immediately back off track, she takes a section of her own hair, grips it with the tweezers, and yells: ‘And snap!’

At this point, Doctor Hairdresser Toddler completely loses the plot. Addressing Silly Daddy, who is not even in the house, she declares: ‘Daddy, I’m just doing Mummy’s doctors. I’m just zapping The Baby’s hair. Where did I put Jesus?’

Presumably, she means tweezers, but who can be sure? Silly Mummy hides her belly. The Baby hides her hair. The services of all doctors, hairdressers and toddlers, whether brandishing tweezers or Jesus, are suspended pending a thorough investigation into what on earth is going on.

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  1. Alice says:

    Confusing tweezers for Jesus? Watch out! Wars have been won and lost over less… Admittedly, these do not usually involve hairdressers.
    x Alice

  2. We’re big hairdressing and doctoring fans here too! And seal training, strangely… Your toddler seems much kinder a doctor than my six year old, who recently told my Dad “I’m sorry patient, but your tummy is too big. You’re eating too much chocolate and you may die” Harsh doctoring there! I could watch mine playing make believe all day! Oh and word of warning…. Make 100% sure there are no scissors ANYWHERE within tiny hairdresser’s reach. We found this out the hard way (gulp)! xx

  3. Tara says:

    Your post made me chuckle. I hope your tummy troubles have been mended thanks to this alternative therapy. Mine likes to play doctor too. I have LOtS of injections but I’m mostly brave 🙂

  4. What is with these toddlers and their medical and hairdressing professions?! Mine’s into exactly the same…do we, in fact, have the same toddler?!
    My favourite thing MY toddler has said this week “Mummy, come on! We can’t BELIEVE you!” (translation: “we can’t LEAVE you”)
    It’s along the same vein as “We got to got my drink” (translation: “we forgot my drink”) 😀
    Maybe if the actual The Toddler takes a holiday this year, MY toddler could step in and cover things for a week!

  5. Annette says:

    Haha that’s really funny. We have a threenager doctor, but luckily it’s only Daddy that seems to need fixing according to her. Good luck with the tweezers! #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Cheryl says:

    Hah! Very amusing. I’ve got two girls and they both enjoy “doing” my hair. After one particular episode, I emerged with every single clip in the house buried somewhere in my hair. It took a while and was just a little bit painful to find and remove every single one! #TwinklyTuesday

  7. “Where did I put Jesus” really made me laugh – that’s a new toddlerism for tweezers! I think overwork and trying to juggle all these jobs might not be helping The Toddler focus on the task at hand. Being naked under a doctor’s coat is perhaps not the best move if The Toddler wants a career in medicine though…! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  8. Lady Nym says:

    Maybe I’m slightly delirious from this cold but ‘where did I put Jesus?’ had me in stitches.

    Tyger learned about the nativity at preschool at Christmas and so when we got a generic Christmas card through the door from a local church he was convinced Baby Jesus had sent him a card.

    We’re not even religious!


  9. El says:

    Hahahaha…No don’t suspend her please! I need my weekly medicine/hair cut funnies of Doctor and/or Hairdresser Toddler. thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  10. Your little one sounds hilarious! What an imagination 😉 I guess she could do with a bit of practice in both careers, but it sounds like shes definitely on her way, ha ha! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays 🙂 Emily

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