Dolls Are People Too

Dolls Are People TooThe Toddler has one of those little plastic doll’s houses, with moveable furniture and a couple of little people and animals.

It appears that The Toddler has been reading up on her landlord and tenant law. Although she owns the property (toy), there are tenants (dolls) living there, and The Toddler knows that they have rights. For example, she must give notice to enter the property: toddler landlords cannot just be barging into doll’s houses whenever they feel like it. The Toddler is a good landlord.

Therefore, The Toddler can be found knocking on the door of her own doll’s house, requesting entry: ‘Come in? Yes? Okkkaay!’ The Toddler’s respect for her little plastic tenants does not end there. The Toddler consults them before playing with them: ‘Bath? Washy? Yes? Okkkaay!’

The Toddler has evidently taken her imaginative play to the next level. It’s a slippery slope: one minute you are pretending your toys are real people, offering them ‘tea cup’ and cake, and the next thing you know they have an assured shorthold tenancy and are enjoying the protection of the Human Rights Act.


    • Silly Mummy says:

      Yes, real estate or planning officer seem to be her callings – all very property orientated! Thanks for reading!

  1. Alice says:

    Your daughter sounds infinitely preferable to all the landlords I have ever had 🙂 I once lived in a rented flat with a landlord who wouldn’t talk to me because I am a woman and he was from the eighteenth century or something.
    Does she have any vacancies at the moment?
    x Alice

    • Silly Mummy says:

      Wow – mind you, I suppose some people wish their landlords wouldn’t speak to them! The house is currently full, but she is able to offer room in a magical musical bus with an aquadoodle mat roof! x

  2. Legalite says:

    Hilarious! Glad to see that your legal training has produced fruit. Must get on with teaching my daughter her rights and obligations. She’s probably not going to benefit from being taught the intricacies of structured finance just yet though.

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