Don’t Mention the War

‘Mine’ is, of course, a favourite word of toddlers. Toddlers like to make it very clear that their belongings are theirs and no one else’s. Also that your belongings are theirs. Furthermore, that any item they happen to have found is, in fact, theirs. All of these ownership claims are succinctly voiced by a simple scream of ‘mine!’

The Toddler’s language development took a somewhat sinister turn one morning a few months ago, when she extended her use of ‘mine’ to situations where she meant ‘my’. Getting dressed in her bedroom, she waved her arms and pointed emphatically, bellowing, ‘Mine top! Mine socks! Mine trowies!’ It sounded, frankly, like she was holding a mini – and curiously clothing based – Nuremberg rally in the nursery. The Toddler, atop her changing table, gesticulated forcefully at the gathered crowds of Silly Mummy, and set out her ‘Mein Trowies’ manifesto.

The Toddler is a powerful orator but, fortunately for her wardrobe, she is a largely benevolent dictator. The Toddler has been known to oppress the odd hat; and does believe that shoes, pyjamas and bumble bee outfits are superior to other items of clothing. (Not worn together, of course. Possibly worn together. The Toddler would like to wear them together, please.) The occasional pair of trowies has been accused of desertion when they are, in fact, on her person: ‘Where’s The Toddler’s trowies? Where’s trowies gone?’
‘You’re wearing them.’

Nonetheless, few sartorial items have suffered under The Toddler’s rule. Trowies make for an innately more laid back manifesto than struggles. Would be despots: take note.

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  1. Sarah Norris says:

    Oh that stage of ‘mine’ing ! The brother of the baby I am looking after is going through that stage and it is amazing the way he uses it.
    Sometimes he uses it when his mum is breastfeeding his little sister, as he shakes his head with a frown on his face and says ‘Mine’, quite thoughtfully.
    Sometimes he uses it with a question in his voice when he thinks something should be his.
    Other times he uses it when he has got something he shouldn’t have like car keys. Then he is much more definite. It is his, and it is staying his….no benevolence there !!
    His best yet was this weekend when he was sitting in his high chair at the head of the table (which probably gave him delusions of grandeur) at a formal family gathering. His parents were distracted by visitors arriving and we turned round to see him glugging his way down a glass of white wine someone had left just a fraction too near. when he saw us all looking at him stunned, he just lifted the glass and said very smugly ‘Mine !!’ all hell then let loose as his dad grabbed the wine glass and tried to extract it from his grasp.
    If you have ever seen old monster movies where a giant squid has his tentacles wrapped around a ship, you will have some idea how hard fought the battle was, and the volume of the subsequent ‘MINE’S were !!!!
    Toddlers….what would we do without them lol
    Sarah x

    • Silly Mummy says:

      Haha! Brilliant! Yes, ‘mine’ is a very versatile word, as far as toddlers are concerned and, apparently, vital for staking your claim to the wine! Thanks for popping by!

  2. I love reading about The Toddler! Sounds like we’ve got a similar set up – I have a toddler (girl) and a baby too. She loves copying (badly) what we say to her little brother. They’ve recently started trying to out shout one another. #ShareWithMe

    • Silly Mummy says:

      Aww! Yes, we get out shouting. We also get baby shouting and toddler shouting at her not to shout! Thank you for popping by!

  3. Katie says:

    It ticles me, the way toddlers say mine for everything. My youngest hasn’t quite grasped the m sound yet, so he sounds like an overly negative little German boy yelling ‘nein’ at everything lol Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x

  4. Oh the calls of “mine” “mine” are exactly the same in my house and similarly my and mine have been confused too! It does make me want to get the ear plugs out! The bumble bee outfit sounds ace. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst lovely and see you again xx

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