Draw The Toddler

The Toddler has been drawing a lot lately. She’s moving beyond squiggles. Sometimes there are eyes. Sometimes they’re even on faces.

The Toddler likes cats. 90% of all requests for what she would like people to draw for her have always been cats. The other 10% have been penguins. Now she is drawing for herself, penguins are out, snowmen are in, apparently. Cats remain non-movers at the top of the charts.

The Toddler sits down next to Silly Mummy, ready to draw, yes, a cat. ‘You going to help me, Mum? Right then: let’s draw.’
The Toddler starts drawing her cat. Apparently, it is not going to plan.
‘That’s not a cat either. That’s a snowman. He got orange cheeks. He got big chins.’
The Toddler decides it is best to move on from the large chinned cat/snowman debacle, with no more said.
‘Let’s draw something else. I know: let’s draw The Toddler.’
The Toddler pauses momentarily in her plans to draw herself to address the cat.
‘You okay, Cat? You bit tired? Okay, you go to sleep then.’
Unsolicited sleeping advice given to the already sleeping cat, The Toddler returns to the matter at hand.
‘Okay, yes. Draw The Toddler.’ Unfortunately, The Toddler quickly comes up against an obstacle.
‘Can’t draw that one, Mum. That’s too hard.’
Well, self portraits are notoriously difficult to master. The Toddler quickly formulates a new plan.
‘Draw something else: The Toddler. Can’t draw that one. That’s hard work.’
Oops, turns out the new plan was the same as the old plan.

The Toddler is drawing again. This time avoiding the hard work of trying to draw herself, she announces, ‘I’m drawing a snowman.’ The Toddler is not happy with her drawing, however. It appears there is a problem: ‘That’s not a snowman, it’s a girl!’ The Silly Parents set about explaining that snow people can be girls. The Toddler is sceptical: ‘It’s not a snowman, it’s a girl! I draw a cat.’


  1. First of all can I say how much I LOVE your new site design? Sorry if I’m late to the party on this one but it looks fab 🙂 And I also love this post – we have very similar running commentaries at The Barn with my two. (Although with us it’s drawing My Little Pony…) Thanks for sharing this at #sharethejoy – so glad to have you joining me at my new home! x

  2. I love the running commentary! Well done that cat for doing as she’s told, we have two very lazy similar ones here.
    Wouldn’t it be great if there was some snow this year and you all got the chance to get some snow man/girl/cats made.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  3. Oh yes silly mommy – don’t tamper with the creative mind. When they have a vision of something, that’s it & they won’t be told otherwise. It’s wonderful your toddler is enjoying drawing & is working on drawing different things #MG x

  4. I can see why snowpersons are a popular choice. I can just about manage a snow person. Cat… Not so much. Tends to end up looking like a snow person with whiskers? The Toddler and I seemingly have similar artistic talents haha. Fantastic read. X #mg

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