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I am a Huff Post Blogger.

All of my published blog posts on Huffington Post, along with my profile, can be found in my author archive.


Several of my posts have been featured on the Mumsnet Front page, and two of my posts were featured in their Advent Calendar 2015.

Some of my posts featured on Mumsnet:

Toddler Towers: Are All Toddlers Basil Fawlty

Eight Times Having a Toddler Was Like Lord of the flies

Five and a Half Ways The Baby Is a Big Disappointment to The Toddler

How to (Not) Make Christmas (or Other Occasion) Cards With a Toddler and a Baby

‘Twas the (Real) Night Before Christmas


My post The Twelve Days of Toddler was featured by Netmums.

Tots 100

My post Toddler History was featured in Tots Good Reads.


I have been featured twice in the BritMums Humour Round Up.

Slogans for World War Terrible Twos

Child Safety Kits Are Out to Get Us

Selfish Mother

Several of my posts have been in the Selfish Mother features.

A couple of examples are:

Children’s TV: I Have Some Questions

Fairytale of New Parents