How (Not) to Make Christmas (or Other Occasion) Cards With a Toddler and a Baby*

child-1016955_1280This simple tutorial (*this is not a tutorial*) contains all the instructions you need to create beautiful (*ahem*) handmade Christmas (or any other occasion) cards (*there will be no cards*) with very young children. Unlike most guides, I have included detailed instructions showing exactly what the children should be doing at each stage. This will ensure that there is no confusion as to when the crayons should be chewed, or the pictures torn up, thus allowing you to achieve a perfect result every time.

What you need:

White cardboard for pictures
Additional white cardboard for mistakes
Coloured cardboard for cards
Crayons in appropriate colours for pictures
Pens for writing messages
Double sided tape (of course)

Note: This project does not require any sanity, so please do not worry if you don’t have any in the house.

What to do:

1. Draw some Christmas (or other occasion) pictures (such as, Christmas trees, Father Christmas, snowmen, or reindeer) on to pieces of white card. The children will colour these, and you will then cut them out and attach them to your cards to make Christmas scenes, decorated by the children, for your loved ones to treasure.

2. Give the children the pictures with appropriately coloured crayons. At this point, The Toddler should have a tantrum because she wants the crayons she has not been given. Specifically, she wants to colour Father Christmas purple.

3. The Toddler will quickly stop her tantrum upon realising that she can still colour everything inappropriate colours using the crayon choices she has been given. She will set about colouring her tree with the yellow crayon that was intended for the star on top. She doesn’t need it for the star. The star is brown. Because the tree trunk is pink.

4. The Baby should at this point start eating a crayon.

5. By now, The Toddler will have produced a beautiful piece of colouring. On the wrong side of the card. On the side that has the actual picture, there will be approximately two lines of colour.

6. The Baby should be colouring the table cloth red, having thrown her picture on the floor.

7. Resort to holding The Baby’s hand and ‘helping’ her crayon.

8. Take the above step to its logical conclusion by putting The Baby down with some toys away from the art, before returning to ‘helping’ her crayon on your own.

9. Reach a new low as you scribble some blue on to Father Christmas’ jacket and nose, having realised the one year old who has (not) coloured this picture probably wouldn’t neatly colour Father Christmas’ outfit in red.

10. The Toddler will have spent ten minutes carefully colouring her whole picture on white card using a white crayon. She will notice this has not been overly effective, and declare that the crayon is not working.

11. Attempt to hold The Toddler’s hand and ‘help’ her crayon. The Toddler should at this juncture have a meltdown, throw the crayons, and tear up the picture.

12. Draw a new picture on a fresh piece of card.

13. Agree that The Toddler can colour only the wrong side. In white crayon.

14. Relent and allow The Baby to resume participation in the colouring.

15. The Baby should be very excited by her return, and demonstrate this by scrunching up her picture.

16. Return The Baby to the toys.

17. You should by now have one partially coloured yellow and pink Christmas tree; one reindeer coloured entirely in white; one snowman not coloured at all, but with a Jackson Pollock-esque masterpiece on the reverse; and one quite well coloured Father Christmas, scrunched into a little ball. It has gone very well.

18. Fold your pieces of coloured card in half to make your cards.

19. You will now need to cut out your pictures to start making the Christmas scenes.

20. The Toddler should refuse to relinquish the pictures. She has not finished. She is just colouring all of the pictures, top to bottom, in black crayon.

21. At this point, you will all need to put on shoes and coats. Put the children into their pushchair, and walk to your nearest card shop. Buy Christmas cards.


(*Well, a two and a half year old toddler, and a one and a third year old toddler, to be more accurate)


  1. Brilliant!!! I am deeply suspicious of any well-produced toddler christmas crafts! We’ve just finished baking some gingerbread men…decorating begins tomorrow morning. If my toddler manages even one eye in the right place i’ll be amazed…

    • Silly Mummy says:

      I probably won’t as my grasp of using pinterest is about as good as Toddler’s grasp of using crayons! Thank you for reading! 🙂

  2. Ha! I was waiting to hear how the coat & pushchair was going to factor into card making! It’s not easy getting babies & toddlers to follow with Christmas card making lol they like to do it their own way or none at all! #abitofeverything x

  3. sisterkin says:

    Ha ha. Could you also add a tutorial on how to decorate a tree, how to shop together for a present for daddy and how to make gingerbread stars (for aforementioned tree). I have tried all and failed, I need a step by step guide. Thank you! #abitofeverything

  4. Lady Nym says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read after a very ‘jolly’ day. Thank you! I still need to tackle making a Christmas card for my in-laws (we live with my parents so they know exactly why they’re not getting the…pleasure of something hand-made for Christmas).


  5. This is great! I have a toddler and a three and a half year old, and my three year is ALWAYS talking, and I while I was listening to her my toddler got out of her chair and drew all over the wall for the first time today making crafts! AHH! Two kids at the same time plus crafts=insanity.

  6. Talya says:

    Haha we have been busy producing s*** Xmas cards which usually end up with me manipulating the whole task to make them passable. Why oh why do we do it??! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely and Merry Christmas! xx

  7. Annette says:

    LOL this is so funny and a perfect read for Friday lunchtime 🙂 Just the other week I asked little button to sign her name at the bottom of some Christmas cards *she can do this* except instead, she took great delight in scribbling her urmmm signature across the seasons greeting bit. Glad to hear its not just me! #TheList

  8. LadyNicci says:

    Aw love it. We have a 15 month old with a serious crayon addiction. She keeps eating them, going BLEUGH and then continuing to chomp. She’s been drawing the tiled floor and pieces of wood. We let her though – because we get five minutes of peace! I’ll try to remember this piece when we add another kid to the collection, ha! #brilliantblogposts

  9. This did make me laugh. I think you’re very brave to even attempt crafts with your children being so young. Can you tell I’m not very good with mess lol. I’m debating about letting Little E loose near the ginger bread!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  10. I wish that I was a fly on the wall, or that you had this all on video. The toddler could have her own reality show, I would definitely be tuning in!!! LOL I so hope that she keeps her personality, we’ll see her in the bright lights as an adult, coloring outside of the lines. BTW, I’m sure everyone would love the cards, especially if you printed this post as an insert! Happy holidays to you and the entire family! xx

  11. Ha love it 😉 I remember thinking it was a good idea to do crafts with mine when they were very small…still bear the scars!

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix have a brilliant Christmas

    Stevie x

  12. oooh yess I never even attempted. You are brave, At the moment my daughter never listens and would have coloured the wall. Well done for trying though :-p hehe. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and hope you had a wicked Christmas together xx

  13. Brilliant! My 8 year old actually made a pretty impressive cross stich card this year, the others I didn’t bother with and his was done at School! Thanks for linking to #PickNMix I hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  14. jenny says:

    I love this I thought it was a great idea to attempt this with my two too we ended up buying some lol Thank you ever so much for linking up to SWM and the amazing linky/blog support last year. It means the world to me that people come back again and again to share their amazing blogs. I hope this year is no different. It’s great to get to know more blogs and I love reading each post every week and sharing them. I wish you a huge happy new year!!! #sharewithme

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