Invasion of the Pyjama Snatchers

The baby has taken off her pyjama bottoms and is waving them over her head. The Toddler runs over and snatches the pyjama bottoms. She tries to put them on. The Toddler is now in two pyjama bottoms. That’s not right. The Toddler takes off The Baby’s pyjama bottoms. So that she can take off her own pyjama bottoms, and put The Baby’s back on. The Toddler is now wearing just one pair of pyjama bottoms. The Baby’s. On one leg. (The Baby, meanwhile, is wandering the living room giving her bottom a good airing.)

The Toddler confirms the current situation: ‘Wearing The Baby’s trousers on now.’ She starts trying to walk towards Silly Mummy and The Baby. She is hampered by having both of her legs in one hole of some pyjama bottoms that are too small for her. She takes them off. And puts them on her arms.

The Toddler is now waving her own discarded pyjama bottoms at The Baby: ‘The Baby, need to put these ones on now.’ Indeed. It certainly wouldn’t do for anyone to be wearing their own pyjamas. Or, even better, actual clothes.

The Toddler, wearing The Baby’s pyjama bottoms on her arms, her own pyjama top, and nothing on her bottom, announces: ‘Need to go to work now.’ Ah, well, that explains it. The Toddler is getting dressed for work. Her work evidently has a strict dress code: no jeans, no trainers, The Baby’s pyjamas…

The Toddler is still chattering about her plans for the day: ‘Need to go to shops first. Not gone to work yet. Daddy gone to work.’ (Shirt, tie, socks and Silly Mummy’s pyjama bottoms on his head, in case you were wondering.)

The Toddler declares: ‘I’m going to go now.’ She marches to the door, The Baby’s pyjamas still on her arms. She is very busy, and can’t hang around any longer waiting for The Baby to get her arse into gear, put both her legs into one hole of someone else’s pyjamas, and get ready for work.

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A Cornish MumFriday FrolicsMy Life As A MummythumbnailsizeLittle Hearts, Big LoveDomesticated Momster


  1. Alice says:

    Jet always puts his two legs in one side of his pyjamas ‘accidentally on purpose’, then declares “I am a mermaid!”
    I am sure the toddler would be incredibly productive at work – I wonder what it is she imagines she does? 😉
    x Alice

  2. Becky says:

    And they wonder why it takes mothers so long to get anything done! The amount of mucking about that goes on when my kids are supposed to be either getting dressed, or undressed is remarkable, looks like yours are the same! Becky #weekendbloghop

  3. Brilliant! I would love to know what goes on in The Toddler’s head sometimes. Love her dress code for work that includes wearing The Baby’s pyjama bottoms on her arms. Little ones trying to dress themselves can be so funny sometimes, especially when it’s not their own clothes they’re trying to wear! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  4. Ok, I read this when you first posted it but now I’m rereading it (in the hope that my comments are back behaving) I have just realised the full implication of this scenario for Nipper&Tyke’s outfit plan. I can see why she went for the PJ option….!

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