It’s Too Scary!

As it’s Halloween, I have decided to share a few of the things The Toddler has declared to be ‘too scary’ since she learnt the phrase ‘too scary’.

1. Trolls
Particularly the troll in Enchanted. Or the ‘dunk dunk’, as The Toddler used to – and sometimes still does – call him (took some time to work out that came from the noise she thinks it makes). The troll is often declared to be scary. The Toddler likes to chatter about the troll: ‘She saw a troll, didn’t she? I don’t like troll. Bit scary.’ Fair enough. Trolls are not usually nice characters. That said, the troll in Enchanted is a fairly benevolent troll, despite attempts to eat people. The Evil Queen, in my opinion, is much scarier. She does evil magic, appears in clouds of smoke and sinister music*, turns into a dragon, tries to kill people. How does The Toddler feel about the Evil Queen? She loves her. Every time she appears, The Toddler excitedly shouts: ‘The Evil Queen! The Evil Queen is coming! Look, Mummy, it’s the Evil Queen! I like Evil Queen!’

*Though The Toddler seems to have some funny ideas about what constitutes sinister music – see number 4.

2. Giant spiders
There are halloween decorations in the shopping mall, hanging from the ceilings. The Toddler loves them. Mostly. She loves the creepy cobweb chandelier. She has to dance under it (to the accompaniment of funny looks from confused passers-by). She loves the ghosts and the giant pumpkin. Following her under chandelier spinning, she announces: ‘Giant pumpkin! Are we going to see giant pumpkin?’ Then come the giant spiders. The Toddler does not like the giant spiders. However, she tends to forget this fact: ‘Look, Mummy, it’s spiders! I’m going to see spiders…No, I don’t like it! Too scary!’

3. Balloons Popping
Just to be clear, this is not balloons actually popping, oh no. No. There is a balloon tied to the railing of the room divider. The Toddler has decided it is like those balls on rope for children to swing on at soft play centres, and that is what she is trying to do. With a balloon. On a string. Tied to a railing. I point out that the balloon is likely to pop, and she won’t like that. I am informed that warnings about the balloon popping are ‘too scary’.

4. A random song from a musical
Silly Daddy has found a songs from musicals and movies radio station. This has, unsurprisingly, been popular. Until one particular song. Now, I don’t know what this song is from. I am not much of a musicals fan, really. The important point is that it isn’t remotely scary. Nothing sinister. It isn’t from Sweeney Todd*. Or even Blood Brothers**. No, this is a totally innocuous, saccharine song from a musical. One that sounds like any innocuous, saccharine musical song. The Toddler whimpers: ‘Too scary! Turn it off! Too scary!’

*’Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd/He served a dark and a vengeful god’
Now, this is an understandably creepy musical song.

**’Now you know the devil’s got your number/You know he’s gonna find you/You know he’s right behind you/He’s staring through your windows/He’s creeping down the hall’
I mean, no one needs to find out through the medium of a musical that the devil is on some kind of register and probably has his relationships monitored by the authorities, right? You can’t trust anyone these days, even the root of all evil. I may have gone off topic.

5. Baby Jake
Not the awful animated version, with the picture of the real baby’s head (and *shiver* animated mouth), that is clearly the stuff of nightmares. No. She’s fine with that abomination. She doesn’t like the real Baby Jake at the end. He’s ‘scary’. Perhaps over the course of the programme she becomes convinced that babies are supposed to have a cartoon body, a photograph of a real baby for a head, and what I am fairly sure is the Cheshire Cat’s mouth.


  1. God yes as far as Baby Jake is concerned, freaky little creature ! (The cartoon, not the real baby obvs). I love that warnings about balloons popping are scary! Fab as always. Happy Halloween to you and yours #justanotherlinky x

  2. Jazzygal says:

    So funny that she likes the Evil Queen! I dislike trolls too.. in movies and on social media 😉 I love musicals though. But not ‘Sweeney Todd’ now that is way too scary! Hope your little one enjoyed her Hallowe’en.

  3. Lady Nym says:

    Tyger is also going through a ‘too scary’ phase. We have had to be careful about films in particular. I put on some kid’s film last night for Halloween but that was declared ‘too scary’ (Tyger was hiding in the hall, peeking round the living room door) so we had to put on ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is *not* too scary).

    Other films that are ‘too scary’ or have ‘scary’ bits are: Bolt (very scary, apparently) and Monsters University (Monsters Inc. is fine).

    I do think it’s funny the balloon is not too scary but your description of it popping is.


  4. My daughter loves Halloween and if the decoration is scary even better!! LOL she is fine with spiders, I guess your little one is enjoying the word “scary” a lot!!! So funny that she loves the Evil Queen! Thanks so much for joining me at #KCACOLS!! I love having you here!! I hope you join me again next Sunday!! 🙂 xx

  5. wendy says:

    My son has started saying everything is scary too!it’s really embarrassing when we are shopping & the cashiers is being lovely & then be says ‘lady too scary mummy’. Baby jake is freaky, only the animated version though – the real baby is a cutie. It’s funny what things freak kids out isn’t it?xx #KCACOLS

  6. Katie says:

    Toddler logic can be so bizarre sometimes! Mine seems to think that there are monsters in trees. ALL the trees! He can barely form words yet so it took us a good few days to figure out what he was scared of. Trouble is we live in a valley where the mountains on one side are covered in trees and the only road out of the valley is lined with trees. I’m hoping he grows out of it quickly!!! Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x

  7. Jenny says:

    Ahh great one for Halloween edition. I love that she is scared of the baby jake at the end and not the funny one. lol That’s brilliant. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me and I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

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