Oh Dropit

Oh DropitThe Toddler is very excited by dropping things. She is very excited by dropping things herself: ‘Oh dropit The Toddler!’ She is very excited when Silly Mummy drops things: ‘Oh dropit Mummy! Silly Mummy!’ It is not the dropping itself that causes the excitement, but the chance to exclaim loudly, ‘Oh dropit!’

We went to the shops. When we returned, The Baby was asleep in the buggy. We took off our shoes and coats, and The Toddler went off to play. We left The Baby to continue sleeping in the buggy. We discussed that we were being very quiet because The Baby was sleeping. The Toddler agreed that we were being very quiet because The Baby was sleeping: ‘Shh! The Baby sleep!’

Silly Mummy went to put laundry in the washing machine, first reminding The Toddler to be very quiet (baby sleeping, you know). Silly Mummy heard The Toddler drop something with a noisy bang, followed by a loud shout of, ‘Oh dropit!’ A pause. Then, this time very quietly, ‘Oh no…The Baby!’ The Baby started to cry. The Toddler came to the doorway and yelled, ‘Oh no! The Baby! Wake!’ A further pause, then, ‘Oops!’
‘She is awake, yes, darling. Did you drop something?’
(Gleefully) ‘Yes! Dropit!’

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