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Shameless Plea Post: BiB Awards Shortlisted Blog


This is not the post I was expecting to be writing today. It would appear that I have somehow been shortlisted in the category of ‘Writer’ in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards.

Now, this was something of a shock in many ways. Not least because I, having no previous experience of blogging awards, had assumed that the shortlisted bloggers were notified privately before the list was published. Therefore, when I saw the link for the shortlisted bloggers on someone’s facebook page, I opened it just to have a bit of a nosy at who got through. Obviously, I knew I hadn’t got through. I hadn’t been notified, after all. Well, I merrily scanned my way through half of the list, pleased to see some favourites on there, before I saw ‘R is for Hoppit’. I carried on scanning for about two seconds. Wait. R is for Hoppit? That seems familiar. What??

Of course, I picked up my phone and started to call the parents. I hung up the phone. Obviously, I had imagined seeing my blog. It was going to be very embarrassing explaining that I had accidentally announced my imaginary shortlisting. I returned to the list and performed further checks. I could still see it. I called the parents.

Following this, I realised I had no idea what I was supposed to do next. Get a bit excited, go on twitter, hope it didn’t turn out to be a mistake – this seemed like a good initial plan. Anyway, I have now received my notification from Britmums, I have not yet been informed of a terrible mistake, and therefore I am going in and writing my shameless plea post (et voila).

All I want to say is that I am very excited to have been shortlisted. I love writing, and I am particularly pleased to have been shortlisted in the ‘Writer’ category.* I am very grateful to everyone who nominated me. I will obviously be thrilled if anyone would like to vote for me now, and the link is below.

If anyone wants to know how this works, the shortlisted bloggers will now be whittled down to five finalists in each category, comprised of the two with the most public votes and three selected by judges. Voting closes at midnight on 18th May 2016. Each person can only submit one voting form. You can vote here.

Of course, I would love and appreciate votes, but there are so many fantastic and talented bloggers in each category – all deserving of votes – that I would like to say please do make sure you vote, whether for me or not.

Thank you to everyone who reads and supports my blog, and thank you for reading my shameless plea post. I will now leave everyone alone, and return to being overly excited quietly over here.