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The Toddler’s Job

The Toddler knows a lot about computers. Silly Mummy and Silly Daddy do work on the computer. Not always of their own free will, in fact: ‘Mummy, you sit down do work now! Do work on computer!’ The Toddler has furthered her computer knowledge with a little bit of research to confirm how much fun it is to work on computers: ‘Daddy, you like computers? You like computers, Daddy?’

Armed with all of this information, The Toddler has decided she will also take up working on the computer. The exact nature of The Toddler’s work is at present unclear. Nonetheless, she sits down next to the Toot Toot Safari track. She looks at it closely: ‘Computer not working again.’ No, well, it’s a Toot Toot Safari track. (Also, do note the ‘again’: apparently this is not the first time the Toot Toot Safari track has failed to be a computer.) The Toddler is unhappy: ‘Not playing. Need to show The Baby my work.’ Don’t you hate it when your computer turns into a Toot Toot Safari track before you managed to save your work to show to The Baby? Silly Mummy suggests that The Toddler turns the Toot Toot Safari off and back on again. Silly Mummy thinks she’s funny. The Toddler does not agree.

Though the specifics of The Toddler’s job remain unknown, she is evidently a high powered toddler executive and, as such, cannot be expected to go to bed. At bedtime, entirely ignoring tiny, insignificant details such as the fact that she is nowhere near the computer (and is actually sitting on the sofa playing with a tea set), The Toddler declares: ‘Me do more works. Me go on computer just a little bit longer, do more work. Okay?’ Clearly, The Toddler is a workaholic, but at what?

The Toddler has put a plastic farmhouse in the hallway. She returns for The Baby: ‘The Baby, come and play on my computer. Come here, The Baby. To my work.’ The Baby is not showing signs of willingness to accompany The Toddler to her computer/farmhouse. The Toddler offers encouragement: ‘Come to my work. Want to hold hands, The Baby? Hold hands, The Baby. Is good.’ Well, that answers the question about the nature of her work, at least. She’s Borat.