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Silly Mummy Makes (Wrecks, Semantics) a Fairy House and Fairy

fairy2Today I am branching out slightly with a craft post (non-toddler related). I am toying with the idea of creating a new category for this type of post, probably called: ‘What Is Silly Mummy Doing? Who Cares?’

So what did Silly Mummy do last weekend, I hear no one ask. Well, in preparation for The Toddler’s birthday, I made a fairy from some wire and a wooden bauble. Because I am Blue Peter now. And a little wooden fairy house. I didn’t make the actual house. I am Blue Peter, I am not Tim Allen (Home Improvement or The Santa Clause – either is applicable to the production of a small wooden house for a child). You can tell the house was not made by me, because it is not made of a fairy liquid bottle & some double-sided tape.

Actually, there is double-sided tape involved. I love double-sided tape. I firmly believe it is stronger than superglue. Or at least quicker. Superglue is strong, in all fairness. After being held in place for about 30 minutes. Up to 29 minutes, superglue is about as sticky as milk. At 29 minutes 30 seconds superglue is strong enough to effectively bind your fingers to your project, but not the project to itself. At 30 minutes, the project is permanently bonded, and will look lovely as soon as you have it medically removed from your hand.

Superglue was involved in the making of the fairy. She looks better now she doesn’t have fingers attached to her hair. I make no comment as to whether there is still fairy hair attached to my fingers. Superglue, incidentally, will evidently not bind a wooden bauble to a piece of wire. Nor will double-sided tape. I really don’t know if the fairy’s head is actually attached. The fairy could meet a distressing end. Still, The Toddler does like to shout, ‘Off with her head!’ It’s not usually literal, but things change.


So, yes, back to the double-sided tape…the house decorations are attached with double-sided tape. Seems to work. Double-sided tape should be utilised more frequently in architecture, in my view (actually, I think there is a good chance it is in current new builds, but I digress). The house has also been painted (by me – go me) in stains for garden fences. I don’t think that was quite what I meant to use. I think I meant to use those paints people who upcycle use to stain furniture. Couldn’t find those. Found fence paint. Did I mention I’m excellent at crafts? At least I didn’t Ronseal it. The doors were only briefly stuck together from painting them. They open again now.


There you have it: an entirely pointless post, a craft idea to avoid, valuable bonding products advice, and a (*ahem*) lovely homemade/decorated fairy and fairy house for my daughter. It’s the thought that counts, right?


(Please Note: This is not a review, a fact I imagine everyone responsible for the products I mutilated/used is grateful for. I have not been sponsored by double-sided tape. Covered in it, yes; sponsored by it, no.)


Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

And You Helped Fetch Some Glue

adhesive-pen-574016_1920So, in a moment of madness, Silly Mummy foolishly planned further Christmas craft activities for Christmas Eve.

Silly Mummy came up with ideas – pipe cleaner Christmas trees, foam Christmas shape collages, and a wooden star. Silly Mummy bought the necessary materials.

Come Christmas Eve, Silly Mummy prepared all of the craft supplies, while The Toddler, The Baby and Silly Daddy played. Silly Mummy cut glittery green pipe cleaners into pieces of different lengths to make the Christmas trees, and put sticky tape onto stars and baubles for decorations. Silly Mummy put more sticky tape onto the Christmas foam shapes. Silly Mummmy readied different coloured pieces of wood to make the big star. Silly Mummy set up the table, putting out all of the activities, with separate piles of supplies for each of the girls. Lastly, Silly Mummy brought over some glue. The Toddler watched all of these preparations. Thereafter, Silly Mummy helped The Baby to make her tree, while Silly Daddy helped The Toddler. Then Silly Mummy helped The Toddler to make her collage. Finally, everyone made the star.

A couple of days later, The Toddler spots the two pipe cleaner tree pictures up on the fridge. She is excited. She has clear memories of making those pictures, and the individual efforts that went into them: ‘I made that! And Daddy made that! And The Baby made it!’ The Toddler pauses. She turns to Silly Mummy to give due credit for all Silly Mummy’s hard work and participation: ‘And you helped fetch some glue.’