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The Toddler Riddle

girl-504315_1280Do you know Einstein’s Riddle? A logic puzzle often, and probably wrongly, attributed to Albert Einstein, it has many variations. It is claimed that only 2% of the population will be able to solve it and get the correct answer. Some tellings of it also claim that the speed with which you can work it out can demonstrate your IQ. It is considered to be a very difficult logic puzzle. It isn’t. Einstein’s Riddle is no match for the Toddler Riddle.

As with Einstein’s puzzle, there are a series of facts and clues to this toddler logic puzzle, which you should use to try to solve the question at the end. Unfortunately, ability to solve the Toddler Riddle does not indicate genius, merely that you have toddlers…and have probably gone mad.


1. There are five toddlers.

2. Each toddler is in a different mood today.

3. Each toddler will only eat one thing. None of the toddlers will eat the same thing as any of the other toddlers.

4. No toddler likes anything they liked yesterday.


1. Toddler One only wears an Elsa costume.

2. Toddler Two only wears pyjamas.

3. Toddler Three only wears an Elsa costume with pyjamas. And one glove.

4. Toddler Four’s favourite sport is baby javelin, in which contestants see how far they can throw a baby sibling.

5. Toddler Five’s favourite sport is cat riding, which is mildly more dangerous than rodeo.

6. The toddler who pours all of her water on the floor has a pet carrot.

7. The toddler who is wearing one welly likes broccoli. But only on Tuesdays.

8. The toddler who will only sleep with 22 books in her bed won’t wear her coat. Unless there is a heatwave.

9. The toddler who likes to jump off the sofa has a bump on her head. These are connected.

10. The toddler who is obsessed with Peppa Pig…no, wait: all of the toddlers are obsessed with Peppa Pig.

11. The toddler who only eats bread has an envelope. It’s his favourite toy.

12. The toddler who is carefully arranging coasters into a straight line is not listening to anything Mummy is saying (and nor are the rest of the toddlers).

13. The toddler who is screaming doesn’t know why.

14. The toddler who has crayoned on the sofa is blaming a stuffed dinosaur.

15. The toddler whose favourite food is spaghetti bolognese is staging a sit in to protest his dinner of spaghetti bolognese, which he hates.


The question is: Why is custard?

What do you mean, it’s taken you three years and you couldn’t solve toddler logic?! (The answer, of course, is ‘because it is’.)

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