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The Toddler Is Making Friends and Influencing People

The Toddler Is Making FriendsThe Toddler and Silly Mummy are early to a Saturday morning kids’ club, and are waiting for it to open. Being early has never happened to Silly Mummy and The Toddler before. There is confusion in the Silly camp about what should be done now. The Toddler has resorted to socialising. She has found a couple of other children: a girl of about six, and her little brother, who is around The Toddler’s age. We will call them Maisie and Jake (because those are not their names).

The Toddler has so far offered to kiss Maisie. Her offer has been politely declined. They are now playing hide and seek using one of those holiday scene boards with the holes to put your head in. Jake is wandering around in the vicinity. He is not playing hide and seek. He would like it to be known that any appearance he may make in the game is purely accidental, and no indication that he is playing hide and seek with the girls. He just wanted to walk there, okay?

During one such accidental appearance, Jake puts his head in one of the holes. The Toddler points at him: ‘What’s that?’ Jake appears unconcerned by the rudeness of this address. Nonetheless, Silly Mummy sets about reaffirming meet and greet etiquette to The Toddler: ‘We say “who’s that”, not “what’s that”, don’t we? If you want to know what someone is called, you ask them their name. Can you say “what’s your name”?’
The Toddler dutifully says, ‘What’s your name?’
Maisie helpfully supplies, ‘His name is Jake. Mine is Maisie.’

The Toddler considers this information…and rejects it.
‘No, not Maisie.’
Silly Mummy sighs. Further points of meet and greet etiquette need to be covered. Namely, whether you can refuse to accept somebody’s name. You can not.

No-Not-Maisie’s parents are sniggering in the background. Be advised, punctual people: this is exactly the sort of thing that happens when you go around being early to things. Say what you want about us tardy folk: you turn up late for everything, your children don’t have time to be disagreeing with people’s names.

Hide and Seek

Hide And Seek‘Grammy’ (Grandma) came to visit and played a game of hide and seek with The Toddler’s toys. Grammy would tell The Toddler to close her eyes. The Toddler would squint. (For some reason, The Toddler appears to believe she cannot close her eyes. We have yet to get to the bottom of this.) Grammy would tell The Toddler to cover her eyes. Grammy would hide the toy. The Toddler would uncover her eyes. Grammy would ask The Toddler where the toy was: ‘Where’s the hoppit?’ We would look around until we found where Grammy had hidden the hoppit. You get the idea. The game is very simple, nothing funny about the game, until…

Grammy leaves. The next day, The Toddler is playing by herself. She takes a toy. She hides it under a cushion. She covers her own eyes (yes, AFTER she has hidden the toy). She asks herself, ‘Where Piggle? Where Piggle gone?’ By some strange piece of luck, she locates the hiding place rather quickly, and merrily bounces over to where Iggle Piggle is concealed. She announces, ‘Oh findy! There it is!’ She proceeds to hide Iggle Piggle from herself again. And again.

The Toddler sees no flaw in her version of this game. She seems to find it equally as entertaining as Grammy’s version. In fact, she seems to find it more entertaining, on account of the fact that Silly Mummy – inexplicably – finds it absolutely hilarious.