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FishingThe Toddler is going fishing. We can tell because she has a broomstick. What? Surely you’ve heard of the Toddler-Fish Quidditch World Series?

The Toddler, brandishing her black and purple broomstick from when she was a witch at Halloween, is yelling, ‘Fishing! Going fishing!’ Perhaps she means witching? She’s going witching?

‘The Toddler is wanting fishing. Stay there, Mummy. One minute.’ The Toddler and her broomstick head into the hallway, where she can be heard chattering away: ‘Fishing. Water. Boats. The Toddler is going fishing. Fishing. Fishing. Fishing. Fishing.’

Silly Mummy peers out. Yes, The Toddler is indeed using the broomstick like a fishing rod. She definitely means fishing. Where has she learnt about fishing? Based on the choice of fishing rods, Silly Mummy is guessing Hogwarts.