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The Toddler’s New Year Resolutions

In honour of New Year’s Eve, Silly Mummy has explained resolutions to a very inattentive The Toddler. None the wiser about resolutions, The Toddler is nevertheless willing to discuss what she would like to do next year.

Apparently, these are The Toddler’s plans for next year.

‘I’d like to play with the sandcastles.’

Anything else, The Toddler?

‘Yes, I like to play sandcastles.’

Right, anything that is not sandcastles?

‘I’d like to do so much..and more sandcastles.’

Okay, anything entirely unconnected to sandcastles?

‘No more stinkers.’

Ambitious, but a year without stinkers is certainly a worthy resolution.

Now then, The Toddler, what would The Baby like to do next year?

‘She’d like to do castles!’

Would she? There’s a surprise. And What else?

The Toddler considers carefully: ‘What would I like to do…’

No, The Toddler, what would The Baby like to do?

‘No, me. What would I like to do.’

There you have it: next year, The Baby will mostly be doing whatever The Toddler wants to do. And that will mostly involve sandcastles. (Of course, next year, The Baby will be turning two, so The Toddler may be getting some surprises about how amenable The Baby is going to be.)