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In Search of Picnic

In Search Of PicnicThe Toddler is living an imaginary life again. This time she’s picnicking.

The Toddler stands up purposefully. She announces, ‘Got nic nic! The Toddler go and get it!’ It’s news to Silly Mummy that The Toddler has a picnic, but off she goes to the kitchen, where she can be heard saying, ‘Daddy, where’s nic nic gone?’ Ah, it appears the picnic is missing, and The Toddler suspects foul play by Silly Daddy is to blame. Nothing to do with the non-existent nature of the picnic.

The Toddler is back in the living room, the picnic having failed to materialise (as is the want of entirely imaginary picnics). The Toddler, however, is not giving up just yet: ‘Mummy, The Toddler bringy nic nic in the fridge.’ Apparently, the picnic is now in the fridge. The Toddler heads back to the kitchen: ‘Daddy, nic nic in the fridge.’ Silly Daddy is no longer a suspect in the abduction of the picnic. Of course not: the picnic is safe and sound in the fridge. The Toddler is getting it.

The Toddler returns from the kitchen. Still sans picnic. In the circumstances (there is no picnic), this is not unexpected. Silly Mummy says, ‘Did you get it, darling?’
The Toddler is finally admitting picnic defeat: ‘No. Can’t get it. I’m not funny. The Toddler wants Peppa Pig.’

It is a little known point of social etiquette that, if you are ever in the embarrassing position of attending a picnic having forgotten the actual picnic, Peppa Pig is considered an acceptable substitute. As long as you admit that you are not funny.