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Five Little Monkeys

5 Little MonkeysThe Toddler has discovered singing. She has two singing styles: crooning gibberish in a sing-song voice, and shouting random words from the lyrics of songs she knows. Both are hilarious.

The Toddler has a few favourite numbers. ‘Ring Pock’ (‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’) happens several times a day, and has evolved from ‘ring…DOWN’ to the current ‘ring a pock…choo…fall DOWN.’ Everyone must join in, this is mandatory. In further singing news, ‘more happy know’ (‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’) has become a popular refrain, the horn on the bus beeps rather excitedly, we have ‘head…knees AND toes’, and The Toddler’s croc and giraffe are now engaged in a rousing rendition of (who would have thought it) ‘Ring Pock’.

However, special mention must go to the song ‘Five Little Monkeys’. ‘Monkey bed! Monkey bed!’, as we know it, is very entertaining to The Toddler for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are monkeys and they are BOUNCING ON A BED! On a bed, I tell you! Then, would you believe it? They only go and bump their heads. We already know ‘bump head’ is a cause of great mirth for The Toddler: ‘Bump Head The Baby’, ‘Bump head The Toddler’ (this latter usually accompanied by the inexplicable act of vigorously whacking herself on the head to illustrate the aforementioned bump). Does the excitement of ‘Five Little Monkeys’ stop with bouncing on beds and bumped heads? No. No, it does not. There is a doctor, and he says, ‘No more’. Anyone who has ever tried to stop a toddler from doing anything will know that there is no phrase they consider to be more amusing than ‘no more’. ‘No more’ in a song, said in a funny voice, accompanied by energetic ‘no’ hand gestures? To quote The Toddler: ‘Oh wow!’ The Toddler joins in this bit of the song with great gusto and wild arm waving. This is funny, but is not the reason the song gets a special mention. Oh no.

The Toddler and The Baby went to see the doctor last week. The rather bemused doctor inspected The Baby, whilst The Toddler, standing behind him, hollered, ‘Ooh, doctor! Monkey bed! Monkey bed! No more! Mummy! Monkey bed! Doctor! Monkey bed!’

Silly Mummy wonders how many times a week ‘monkey bed!’ (or, for that matter, ‘Polly dolly quick!’) is yelled at confused doctors by nursery rhyme crazed toddlers? Someone should commission a survey. Maybe Silly Mummy will look into it. Or maybe not. Just in case the answer is it has happened exactly once. Last week.