The Baby Is Sorry

The Baby's SorryThe Toddler and The Baby are in the nursery. The Toddler is getting dressed. The Baby is rolling. The Baby opens a drawer. Silly Mummy closes the drawer. The Baby opens the drawer.

The Toddler knows the drill. The Baby needs to be careful. Silly Mummy says be careful with the drawers. The Toddler says, ‘Careful, The Baby!’ The Baby is not interested in careful, she is feeling reckless, she heads back to the drawer. The Toddler remains in control. The Baby is now being naughty. The Toddler knows what to do: ‘No, The Baby! Naughty!’ The Baby opens the drawer.

The Baby is very naughty. The Toddler knows about this, too. We say sorry when we are naughty. The Toddler says, ‘Sorry!’ Silly Mummy is confused: ‘Why are you sorry?’ The Toddler clarifies, ‘No, The Baby sorry! The Baby naughty. The Baby sorry!’ The Baby does her best not to look sorry at all.

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