The Grape Did It!

The Grape Did ItThe Toddler has been eating some black grapes. There are now suspicious purple stains all over her white tights. Silly Mummy says, ‘Look at this! How did this happen?’ The Toddler confidently replies, ‘Naughty Mummy!’
‘No, not naughty Mummy! Mummy didn’t do it. Who did it?’
‘Naughty Mummy!’
‘It wasn’t Mummy. As the Mummy in question, I am quite sure about this.’
‘Naughty Anny!’ (By which she means ‘Auntie’.)
‘Auntie isn’t here. Auntie wasn’t naughty. Who was naughty?’
(Thinks) ‘Grape naughty! Naughty grape!’

Passing the blame, toddler style. We now have a guilty grape, a strawberry who is wanted as an accessory, and a toddler who is rather pleased with herself.


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