The Princess and The Toddler

grace-kelly-394485_1280The Toddler (sadly, from Silly Mummy’s point of view) is a big fan of princesses. She obtains most of her princess information from Disney films, but today is expanding her field of knowledge to include real princesses.

Of course, Silly Mummy starts with Princess Grace of Monaco, the closest any real person will ever be to a Disney princess. The Toddler likes Princess Grace. She wore pretty clothes and was beautiful. However, there seems to be some mix up with Ben and Holly, as The Toddler insists: ‘And can you show me her elf?’ Yes, The Toddler has confused real princesses with fairy princesses, and therefore believes they must have an elf. Putting aside many issues relating to The Toddler’s grasp on reality, this does also raise questions about what The Toddler believes Ben Elf’s relationship to Princess Holly is. Evidently, she believes princesses own elves. Does she consider poor old Ben to be Holly’s pet?

Attempts to show The Toddler Princess Grace’s prince are abandoned when Silly Mummy looks more closely at the picture she is waving at The Toddler and concludes it was probably from Grace Kelly’s Hollywood days, not her princess days. On account of the man appearing to be Clark Gable, not Prince Rainier of Monaco. Easy mistake to make. In fairness, The Toddler would not have challenged it.

Moving on from Princess Grace, The Toddler is shown a picture of a young Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. The Toddler, presumably thinking about her own sister, points at Princess Margaret, and says, ‘And is that the naughty sister?’ Silly Mummy snorts at the accidental accuracy of this question, and considers showing her a picture of Edward VIII just to see what would happen. But then it would be a little worrying if she did ask: ‘And is that the Nazi uncle?’

Princesses Beatrice, Eugenie and Anne do not impress The Toddler – they are not wearing suitably princess-y dresses. Princess Charlotte causes some confusion, as she appears, in The Toddler’s opinion, to be a baby.

Silly Mummy’s princess knowledge exhausted, help in locating princesses is sought from Google. Some of the European princesses are deemed to be acceptable by The Toddler, but she has one key question about each one: ‘Can she dance with a dress?’ (We’ve moved on from fairy princesses, who own elves, to Cinderella, whose purpose is to get a new dress and attend a ball.)

Silly Mummy feels that enough princesses have been looked at. The Toddler objects: she is looking at princesses. Silly Mummy points out that she is not, in fact, looking at princesses anymore. Silly Mummy is looking at princesses (not a favoured hobby of Silly Mummy’s), while The Toddler runs around the room, ignoring princesses, and screeching, ‘Can she dance with a dress?’

Silly Mummy refusing to view more princesses, The Toddler announces: ‘Then I need to see Daddy’s princesses.’ (Silly Daddy looked rather shifty, but the question of who his princesses are, and where he keeps them, has still not been answered.)


  1. An elf is a royal pet! Oh I so love the Toddler’s logic. I always learn something new when I pop unto your page. She is right though, how do they dance with that dress? #fabfridaypost

  2. Petite Pudding says:

    I think Silly Mummy did quite well to get through that many princesses! I dread this phase, not being I. The slightest bit girly myself it’s not going to come easy! #justanotherlinky

  3. loved this. My daughter is almost 30 now, and we will be together for the birth of my first grandson, but one of our favorite past-times, even now, is making up stories together. It sounds like you also have a highly imaginative one. It keeps it fun. I love how you wondered about daddy’s princesses too. Ha!

  4. Tori says:

    Ah princesses. People just love to hate them, or love to love them. Either way, we have learned two things about them today:
    1. Princesses have elves as pets (as if they don’t have enough perks to begin with)
    2. Dancing in poufy dresses is hard. Real hard. Princesses are up for the challenge.
    Thanks for the education! 😉
    Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS. Hope you will come back again next Sunday!

  5. Fern says:

    Fab post, my girls arnt that interested in princesses really. But real princesses rarely look like Disney princesses so I think they’d feel cheated.


  6. Baby Anon says:

    Ha ha. The bit at the end made me laugh. Where are daddy’s princesses?? Mother would agree with Silly Mummy – Princess Grace was fabulous. Mother’s favourite princess is Princess Anne from Roman Holiday (she is obsessed with Audrey Hepburn) x #KCACOLS

  7. Hahaha!!!!! Ben Elf is Holly’s servant. A mere slave…brilliant!
    She cracks me up, bless her.
    You’ll hav to google the photo of Beatrice and Eugenie where theyre dressed suspeiciously like the ugly sisters from Cinderella and the same time. It’s brilliant!

  8. John Milnes says:

    My daughter still loves Princesses, although I think now she is starting to wean off them. She is going more for the gadgets than princess dolls now. A really great post and thank you very much for sharing.

    John M

  9. wendy says:

    Haha love this. I love how the toddler was confused by princess Charlotte being a baby. Also love ‘can she dance in a dress?!’. As for Daddy’s princesses..I wonder who they are?!xx #anythinggoes

  10. Brilliant, and good questions from the toddler!! My son has started to put long t-shirts on and run around saying ‘pretty as a princess’…ummm, I totally blame the television but can’t put my finger on where! I think like you Disney might be to blame! #bigpinklink

  11. Love the idea of The Daddy having a secret stash of princesses somewhere. I’m also very impressed with your knowledge of princesses! Mine would be more limited to the Disney / swishy dress variety, and Princess Holly of course – with token elf.

    Thanks for linking up with #FartGlitter and for the giggles as always! X

  12. Toddlers and princesses! It is some innate love that you just can’t avoid, even if you try!! I’ve not tried looking up real live princesses, I imagine I’d get the same reaction as you! Thanks for linking up with us! #bigpinklink

  13. Carol Hedges says:

    we are into ballet dancers here… D took her to a ballet class for 2 year olds at the local arts centre. 20 little ones waving flags and prancing around. Mayhem! She now has a tiny tutu and that dancing mice plate. They are such GIRLS. aren’t they!

  14. Lol, I love how The Toddler seems to think that Ben Elf is actually Princess Holly’s servant. Being able to dance with a dress is clearly a very important requirement of being a princess. My two also object when I stop doing an activity that they appear to have lost interest in because clearly running around the room and shrieking is still showing an interest from their point of view! Has Silly Daddy managed to adequately explain where his princesses are yet? Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  15. Ben and Holly is my favourite kids tv prog and I’d love my own elf friend – poor old Ben though, being relegated to pet status! Thankfully as a mum of boys, I’ve not had to research princesses, though my 3yo insists I pretend to be either an animal or a superhero most days! #ftmob

  16. Aww how cute! Yes Disney and NickJr have a lot to answer for!! I have a little princess here too. She can’t quite get her head around the whole, “Why is Kate not a princess then, she’s married to a prince?! To be fair I don’t really understand the system myself 🙂 #BrillBlogPosts

  17. Haha – very cleverly written. Having a girly girly is really hard – I want to find my princesses too. It seem that my princesses rather play with her brother’s dinosaurs than her girly barbie dolls. lol! Great post!

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  18. Congrats on being shortlisted lovely! So well deserved 🙂 Another great post, again one that I can completely relate to with a princess obbsesed little lady 😉 Thanks for sharing this fab post on #MarvMondays. Emily

  19. No disrespect to the dead but the Princess Margaret naughty comment made me snort. And I love your voting bit at the end. I’m literally BEYOND embarrassed asking people to vote for me again. There should just be an independent committee that campaigns on our behalf while we do more important things like go get a manicure. Yep I said that. #marvmondays

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