The Toddler Has Menu, Is Reading

The Toddler and The Baby are in a coffee shop with Silly Mummy and Silly Daddy. The Toddler has picked up a menu, and she is ‘reading’ it: ‘It says “tea cup”.’ There’s a picture of a tea cup.
The Toddler reads on: ‘It says “Dear The Toddler”.’ Of course. Everything The Toddler reads says ‘Dear The Toddler’..
The Toddler has not finished: ‘Yes, it says “Dear The Toddler, here are some teacups”.’ Very logical.
‘Once upon time there was a magical fairy.’ Less logical.

(A bit of background here: The Toddler has seen balloons in the coffee shop. They are not hers.)
The Toddler breaks off from her reading to ask: ‘Can I have a balloon?’
Silly Mummy and Silly Daddy answer unanimously: ‘No!’
The Toddler gracefully accepts this answer, and returns to reading the menu: ‘Says “Dear The Toddler, here’s a balloon from Mummy and Daddy”.’ Cunning.
Of course, The Toddler does not know when to stop and proceeds to lay it on a little too thick: ‘Says “Dear The Toddler, hope you have a nice time, love Mummy and Daddy”.’


    • Catie says:

      Back again from #FamilyFun thank you so much for linking up. You always have so much fun. I just love hearing about your fun family times together. Hope to see you again next week ?

  1. Each week I share your posts like mad, even featured your blog in my newsletter a few weeks ago, I am pushing for The Toddler to have her own show! I love this kid. And of course the Silly Mommy who narrates! Give that girl a balloon! LOL

  2. Charlotte says:

    haha I always love these – currently our little monster has started “reading” chocolate labels as belonging to him :p of course they have his name on them!

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