The Toddler Is in Residence: The Playhouse Is Closed to the Public

The Toddler Is in Residence: The Playhouse Is Closed to the PublicWe are in a cafe with a children’s play area, which contains a little playhouse. The playhouse is empty. The Toddler marches over and commandeers it. For the war effort, you understand. Not that The Toddler is at war. But she will be if anyone tries to get in that playhouse. She is thinking ahead.

A rather brave/optimistic/clueless little boy approaches the house and attempts to enter. The Toddler pushes the door shut. This is her house now. She has a watering can and she is ready to defend her property.

Silly Mummy decides to utilise The Toddler’s love of inviting people in (to rooms, playpens, hallways, their own house). Silly Mummy says, ‘Can you let other people play too, please? Say, “Hello, please come in.” Okay?’
The Toddler nods, and dutifully approaches the little boy at the door: ‘Goodbye. See you soon.’
Not quite ‘please come in’, is it? Still, full marks for style and hutzpah.

After a brief period during which The Toddler is lured away from the playhouse with raisins, she is back in residence. In her absence, someone has tried to put the curtains back on the window. Those are coming down. They don’t match The Toddler’s watering can.

Some older girls try to enter the house. The Toddler (and her watering can) dispatch them. Silly Mummy has another word with The Toddler about sharing the playhouse: ‘Can you let other people come in and play too, if they want to?’ This time The Toddler is more amenable. Undeterred by the current lack of anyone wanting to enter the house, The Toddler yells, ‘Oh yes! Come on, people!’

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Post Comment LoveFriday FrolicsBest of WorstLittle Hearts, Big Love


    • Silly Mummy says:

      Yes, they really should hire parents of toddlers as negotiators for complex hostage situations! Thanks for hosting!

    • Silly Mummy says:

      I think when your watering can doesn’t match ANY of your curtains, the only thing to do is move! Goodbye, see you soon! x

  1. Brilliant. My little boy used to be like this, now he likes to enertain everyone else at the garden centre by doing a forward roll out of the window whilst shouting ‘FIRE’ #pocolo

    • Silly Mummy says:

      This may win an award for best comment ever! I will be immediately teaching The Toddler to do this, as it is clearly amazing! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Alice says:

    Jet is like this with the cosy coupe cars at our local park cafe. If anyone else even thinks about looking at those cars he loses it completely, even if he isn’t currently driving one. It is mortifying! I don’t go there any more.
    x Alice
    You have some amusing comments up there…

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