The Toddler Visits Nursery School

The Toddler has been to visit the local infant school’s nursery, where we hope to enrol her from September.

Probably no one will be surprised to hear that The Toddler was very taken with nursery school. Or her new Kingdom, as she likes to think of it. Very thoughtfully, the teacher had laid out numerous toys and activities for The Toddler. There were some other, bigger, children, who seemed to feel that the activities may, in fact, have been for them. The Toddler was not phased by this. She took the ‘childrens’ under her wing.

The Toddler played with the oats that were in one of the sandpits (the children had been reading The Magic Porridge Pot, and were therefore playing with oats and also making porridge as one of the other activities). She did some puzzles. She introduced The Baby to everybody, but apparently decided her own name would be a closely guarded secret. She got to work in the Three Little Pigs construction area. She inspected the toilets and washed her hands. She made a valiant, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to persuade one of the nursery assistants that painting should become an activity for the day. She positioned herself right in front of the microwave while the porridge was being made, watching intently (this was mostly because she believed it was a TV). She thankfully did not notice the bowl of fruit, and therefore there remained a bowl of fruit, and not a bowl of apple and pear cores, when we left.

The Baby was involved in an oat related altercation with an older boy, but enjoyed drawing with her fingers on the big interactive screen. She did not enjoy being removed from the big interactive screen when it was time to go.

The children at the nursery were, to be completely honest, much more excited about the presence of The Baby in their class, than they were about The Toddler. They were all very eager to talk about how they had baby sisters. Their baby sisters all appeared to be called Bella. Perhaps it was the same baby sister. Maybe they were all siblings: a nursery class consisting of Baby Jake’s family.

All in all, the visit was a great success. The Toddler entered and declared that she would be painting now. The Baby declared that the picture of Snow White on the wall was The Toddler (she does have a Snow White costume). All of the bigger children, showing remarkable intuition about her character, declared that The Toddler was not to eat the play oats.


  1. Kimmie says:

    Lovely day in the life post. This time next year your fridge, freezer, and every other available white door will be decorated in The Toddlers (or should I say Big-Girls (cause she’ll be a ‘Big-Girl-Now’, and will remind you of that every chance she gets) art work. 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Ahh sounds like the toddler is going to enjoy nursery and having all those “children’s” to take under her wing too. My youngest started nursery in September and even now he can’t tell me he names of the children he plays with. They are all “boys and girls” according to him.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again next week. xx

  3. Sarah says:

    I love The Toddler, she sounds hilarious. All the kids at my son’s nursery are always drawn to my baby like he’s some sort of toddler magnet. They mostly like to poke his dummy, just to make sure it’s in there OK. To be honest I’d prefer it if they kept their germ-ridden fingers to themselves but I’m usually trying to peel my toddler off my leg, one finger at a time 🙂

  4. Oh bless her! That is brilliant that she got in there and involved. She sounds like a strong willed little lady that will go far! My 4 year old has always been a steam in kind of boy and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or is doing as he is now the leader! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  5. Min says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about the Toddler’s experiences of nursery! Piglet has been going since September, and seems to enjoy it, although I am not enjoying the amount of illnesses he has brought home!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Sounds like he’ll be fine starting nursery! I also took my daughter for a visit to her preschool that she’ll start in September, she seemed to like it but I’m dreading leaving her there, it’ll be the first time she’s been without either me, my husband or my parents! #sharewithme

  7. Jenny says:

    Oh glad it went so well at nursery. It can be hard if they don’t love it but sounds like she will be having many adventures ahead. Whoop whoop success. #sharewithme

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