Think So, Mummy: The Ten* Funniest Things The Toddler Said Last Week

Think So(*The more eagle-eyed and numerate among you may notice that ten this week actually appears to be eleven.)

It’s time again for our now-definitely-a-feature (you can see week 1 here and week 2 here): the ten (*ahem*) funniest things The Toddler said last week.

Silly Mummy presents The Toddler:

1. On that noisy, what it is
The Toddler asks, ‘What’s that noisy?’
Silly Mummy isn’t sure what noise she means: ‘What noise? Do you mean the tumble drier?’
The Toddler has resolved the issue for herself: ‘Oh no, Mummy, it’s just my bottom!’

2. On Mummy, trying to help her
Silly Mummy is getting some food for The Baby. The Toddler sidles over: ‘Can The Toddler help?’ There isn’t really anything for The Toddler to do. She restates her purpose in the kitchen: ‘The Toddler is trying to help.’ Silly Mummy is finished. ‘Oh, Mummy all done.’

3. On exaggeration
The Toddler is looking at some writing. ‘Says The Toddler’s name!’ It doesn’t. ‘Says 94 times! The Toddler’s name 94 times!’ 94 times? What an oddly specific exaggeration. Also, why does The Toddler know the numbers 1-10 and 94? Where has 94 come from?

4. On thinking so
The Toddler is attempting to wander away in Grandma’s shoes. Silly Mummy says, ‘Are you stealing Grandma’s shoes?’
The Toddler nods, ‘Think so.’
The Toddler is chattering to herself about the circus she went to. ‘Went to circus. With Grandma. And Daddy. Fun. All gone. More circus. Think so.’
The Toddler is pretending to take photos with a phone. She waves it at Daddy: ‘Cheese!’ She waves it at The Baby: ‘Cheese!’ She waves it at Silly Mummy’s toes.
‘Should my toes say cheese?’
‘Yes, think so, Mummy.’
(Yes, if another ‘Things Silly Mummy Has Actually Said’ list is compiled, ‘should my toes say cheese’ will be in there.)

5. On The Baby’s food, checking it
Silly Mummy brings out The Baby’s food. The Toddler looks up from her own food. ‘The Baby’s food. The Toddler check.’
Silly Mummy is confused: ‘For what?’
‘Just check.’ Silly Mummy holds the bowl out to The Toddler. She looks and nods. ‘Okay, Mummy.’ The Baby may now eat. What The Toddler was checking for remains unknown, though seeing whether she wanted to eat The Baby’s food herself seems a likely explanation.

6. On Mummy, further offers of help (how incompetent does The Toddler think Silly Mummy is?)
Silly Mummy is about to dress The Baby. The Toddler worries about whether Silly Mummy is up to the task: ‘Need help? Hmm?’

7. On forgetfulness, convenient
The Toddler has eaten an unusually big lunch. She asks for the obligatory after lunch yoghurt. We discuss The Toddler having the yoghurt later, after a break. The big lunch and the risk of exploding toddler are all covered in the discussion. We confirm that The Toddler will therefore have yoghurt later. Not now. She will go and play first. Okay? The Toddler nods. She says, ‘Yes.’ That agreed, Daddy gets up from the table. The Toddler says, ‘Getting The Toddler’s yoghurt, Daddy!’

8. On Mummy, go
Daddy is napping (this will be relevant later). The Toddler has a phone. It is not her phone. It is a real phone. The Toddler is not being careful. The Toddler is in the settings. The owner of the phone is starting to look anxious. Mummy says, ‘Are you breaking the phone?’
‘No! The Toddler is talking! Mummy, go! Go! Wake up Daddy!’ Well, that was rude. It was also unrelated to the matter in hand: what The Toddler is doing to the phone settings. The Toddler has clearly learnt the art of distraction.

9. On giving up, quickly
The Toddler ‘leaves’ regularly. Sometimes she has a bag. Sometimes she has a remote control and a plastic cabbage. This time it is an impromptu trip: she has not packed. She gets up abruptly and heads in the direction of the front door: ‘Time to go now. Bye bye, Mummy. Unlock door, please, Mummy.’
Silly Mummy is succinct, abrupt even: ‘No.’
‘Oh, alright.’ Trip cancelled due to inability to open door, The Toddler returns and sits down.

10. On the egg, wanting to be alone
The Toddler is carefully arranging a plastic egg on the sideboard. ‘Egg go up here. Leave it alone. Up here. The Toddler leave it alone.’ Yes, eggs are notoriously solitary creatures. Should you find one, take it quickly and quietly to the nearest isolated sideboard, and back away slowly.

11(oops). On manners, goodbyes
The Toddler is saying goodbye to her Great Aunt and Uncle. She has been shaking hands with everyone all afternoon. As they stand up to leave, we jokingly tell The Toddler to shake hands and say ‘goodbye, nice to meet you’. The Toddler dutifully shakes hands. She does not say ‘goodbye, nice to meet you’. She says, ‘Bye. Bye. Bye. Go.’ Charming.

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  1. Jen says:

    I think our respective toddlers must have had a secret meeting because mine does the exact same stuff — especially the packing up and leaving part! (And with a plastic cabbage!) So funny! Thanks for the great chuckle! #wineandboobs

  2. Emma T says:

    I love strange conversations with toddlers (or 4 year olds like mine linked up). I think they just spout stuff to make parents confused. We also have a lot of the ‘forgetfulness’, although nowadays it is more about trying to get away with things with the second person. Never works, because usually the other who’s initially said no, is in the room.


    • Silly Mummy says:

      Yes, they always miss something with their cunning – like the fact that people can hear them! They probably do just say nonsense to confuse us – it’s entertaining, though! Thanks for reading.

  3. Haha, these are great! First time visitor. My son always goes in my phone and changes the settings! The other day he turned on the torch (an ACTUAL torch light on my phone!) that I didn’t even know was there. Nor did I know how to turn it off. They are far too tech savvy for their own good!

    • Silly Mummy says:

      Thank you for visiting! They are! Well, it’s quite useful to know there is a torch I suppose (if you can turn it off)! I am paranoid that they will accidentally call the emergency services when messing with phones! My toddler would most definitely waste their time: ‘Hello? It’s me. Talking. Talking. Talk to daddy. Hello…’!

  4. kidglloves says:

    The Mother says – Oh, these have made me giggle. I used to love it when Lucas was a toddler and trying to speak and get things round the right way. Loved reading this 🙂 #sharewithme #wineandboobs

  5. Chloe says:

    hahahaha this is ADORABLE! I can’t wait till my daughter can string together almost sentences. 😀

    You must laugh daily. I love this post. xxx


  6. Jenny says:

    Toddlers are so much more entertaining than comedians these days I swear it. Loved this. Made me chuckle and in agreement for most of them with two toddlers I hear a lot of it. 🙂 At least that means I am always laughing. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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