Throw and Catch

Throw And CatchThe Toddler knows ‘throw’ and ‘catch’ (and ‘kick’). She likes to run around with her balls shouting ‘throw’, ‘catch’, ‘Mummy throw the ball’.

However, it appears that The Toddler believes ‘throw’ and ‘catch’ are synonyms. She tears through the room screaming, ‘The Toddler throw the ball!’ As advertised, she then proceeds to fling the ball at unsuspecting targets around the room. She picks up the ball. She hollers, ‘The Toddler catch the ball!’ In a change to the advertised programming, she proceeds to fling the ball at even less suspecting targets around the room.

She has grasped that it is ‘throw and catch’. So she alternates. The words. She alternates the words. She clearly believes that using both words in turn, whilst repeatedly throwing the ball, is sufficient to constitute a game of throw and catch.

Of course, this means that attempts to teach The Toddler to catch have been unsuccessful. We call, ‘The Toddler – catch!’ She stands, politely bemused, whilst a ball bounces off her. She then proceeds to pick up said ball, scream ‘catch’ and launch it across the room.

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