Toddler Interior Design Tips

Toddler Interior Design ImageIn the first article of our new lifestyle section*, we are telling you how you too can achieve that quintessential ‘small children live here’ home, with 15 tried and tested toddler interior design tips.

(*We don’t have a new lifestyle section.)

The Style

1. The key look is chaotic chic. No, not chic…what’s that other word? Mess.

2. Clean, uncluttered spaces are not what we are going for. In a properly designed room, occupants should stub their toes twice and trip over five times for every square metre of floor space.

Feng Shui

3. Feng shui is very important. The idea is that the location and arrangement of items affects the feel and energy of the room. The arrangement to aim for here is everything you can find piled on top of each other in one tiny space. The feel this should give to the room is ‘precarious’.


4. Mismatched walls are very in. This should be achieved by crayoning on random areas with random colours. Mismatched sofas are not, however, in. They should therefore be crayoned too, in order to blend with the walls.

5. Inject some texture and pattern into the room by leaving greasy fingerprints and crushed raisins everywhere.

6. Stickers (preferably of Peppa pig) are a great way to rejuvenate any room. Liberal application of mostly torn stickers on every single surface will give the place a completely new look.


7. Throw cushions are a vital addition to the quota of soft furnishings. These are primarily to be used to surround oneself entirely, thus forming a ‘house’ (it is important to design multiple impromptu ‘houses’ within your actual house). Alternatively, they may be placed on the floor as padding for various furniture jumping pursuits. Which leads us on to…

8. Furniture should be as dangerous as possible. However, it should not be obviously so. The key here is to find ways of making perfectly innocuous furniture highly dangerous. Be inventive.


9. It is important to have a strong feature in a room. An artfully arranged younger sibling squished into a corner is ideal. The sibling display should be kept in place by sitting on it.

10. A water feature is a nice touch, and can be cheaply & effectively achieved by overturning a free flow cup on the edge of a coffee table.

Storage and Organisation

11. The ideal place to keep everything is blocking the doors.

12. A great space saving tip is that beds and bookcases do not need to be separate items. Simply pile all of your books into your bed and then sleep on them.

13. Cupboards and drawers are design features only: they are not to be used. The contents of cupboards and drawers are best placed on the floor.

The Little Touches

14. It is good to have Lego sprinkled about liberally. This adds colour, texture and a generous dash of pain to your environment.

15. It is important that there is a lived in feel to the home, to avoid a cold, sterile atmosphere. This is best achieved by breaking as many ornaments and pieces of furniture as possible.


  1. I don’t think there is anyone that wouldn’t agree completely with you! Today we definitely had an indoor water-feature and megablocks and baby accessories were dumped all over the floor in the 2 minutes I was trying to answer my phone!! 🙂


  2. Kerry says:

    Ha ha – life the sibling squished into. Corner feature – you’re quite right, they just need to be sat On to keep them their. We have optimism prime and his friends instead of a nice base of flowers on the dinner table – very god for feeling slightly afraid to eat your dinner!

  3. This was great! I do believe our daughter has worked hard to maintain this style throughout our home! There is nothing I enjoy more than cleaning up a water feature while avoiding legos!

  4. Becster says:

    This post is amazing! It;s as if you and my toddler have had a chat and you’ve posted all about her day! Are they all the same then? Chaotic and messy?!! 🙂

  5. Pen says:

    AAAAAH, Cygnet and I have an agreement. He owns the sitting room during the day – lego on the carpet, snot on the cushions, stickers on the sideboard, the windows and raisons sprinkled over the carpet. That’s the way he seems to like it.

    In the evenings, after half an hour of tidying, the sitting room is mine again. Everything in its place. Cushions snot side down on the sofa. Lego in the toy box. Stickers carefully pealed off the window and placed in the sticker book. Maybe one day we’ll have the same interior design tastes. I can’t see that day coming any time soon! Loads of love Pen xx


  6. Jason says:

    I’ve given up on trying to keep any sort of order an organisation in our toddlers room. Overtime we put anything away, he immediately gets it back out. I’m sure he thinks its some kind of game. Thanks for sharing. #KCACOLS

  7. Fantastic post, we are currently rocking lots of these looks, and will be sure to decorate according! the dinosaur and random stickers really do give that empty wall something special! Our favourite feature is often phoebe getting the onions out and taking the skin off as much a possible -into small flakes all over the kitchen floor, she says it adds texture! #KCACOLS

  8. I love this and I am so ‘in’! I’m actually quite fond of the be-stickered kitchen floor…and table…and cupboards! I also can’t currently see my living room floor, like I said I’ve got style. Thanks for co-hosting #KCACOLS x

  9. I love the addition of Peppa Pig stickers and yes they are mostly torn – we are currently rocking this look all over the dining room floor. They are slowly fading with repeated steam mopping… #KCAKOLS

  10. Haha, brilliant. These design tips are absolutely perfect for 6&7 year olds too. My daughter loves to decorate everything in the house with pen, despite being 6 and knowing it’s not acceptable. Some kind of modern are experiment or something I guess.. #kcacols

  11. Lol! This is true, I don’t have a toddler just yet (my daughter is only 3 months old) but I am preparing myself for the chaos that will ensue as soon as she starts moving about more! #KCACOLS

  12. Haha! I should take a pic of my lounge for you right now because, let me tell you, I am the pinnacle of toddler chic (mess). What is it with the chushions. Both mine srround themsleves with them. They HAVE to be on the floor.#KCACOLS

  13. Alice says:

    We are about to spend an f-ton of cash on a bunk bed for Jet and Stella. I spent about 20 minutes trying to explain to him why we wouldn’t be covering the new bed in stickers from CBeebies magazine, but it was no good. He just couldn’t see why anyone wouldn’t want that!
    x Alice

  14. Helen says:

    Arg to crayon and stickers on walls! And yes oh storage. Lego has caused more tears in my house than anything else – especially when trodden on. Brilliant #KCACOLS

  15. AH yes you can’t beat a nice sprinkling of lego when you are walking barefoot in the morning. The throw pillows in our house are rarely on the couch. I’m happy to say we meet the toddler interior design style fully. #AnythingGoes

  16. Emma says:

    hahahahahaha, yes I would say that the sprinkling of Lego is key to achieving the perfect toddler look that and grubby hand marks on walls and light switches 🙂 Brilliant as always #KCACOLS

  17. our touches to make the kids rooms looks brighter are little dinosaurs all over the floor in my boys room, which I keep treading on when I go to kiss them goodnight and loop bands on my daughters floor that love blocking up my hoover #KCACOLS

  18. As usual, spot on with the observations and brilliant at seeing the funny side. Stickers seem to be every parents nightmare! I thought that had stopped with mine until there was a sneaky one spotted this weekend under the football posters!!

    mainy – myrealfairy


  19. Kaye says:

    Hilarious post! Man, those Peppa Pig stickers end up everywhere don’t they? And loved the sibling display, we’ll have one of those soon and I’m sure A will definitely keep it in place using the sitting technique. >_< Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

  20. Are you in my house?!?!?!?! I have totally nailed this look! What do I win? Can I be featured in your new lifestyle section? The look we tend to aim for is ‘claustrophobic’, we manage it well! Thanks for linking up with us! #bigpinklink

  21. Michelle says:

    Reminds me of my nine year old when he was a toddler. Wait… he still makes a mess every where he goes! Who am I kidding, LOL! Popping over from #passthesauce

  22. Savannah says:

    Haha!!! This honestly had me rolling.
    My 12-month-old’s mobility has shot through the roof in the past month or two! Our house has gone from ‘new parents messy’ to ‘toddler tornado.’ I am CONSTANTLY tripping, stubbing my toes, hitting my shins, and (coincidentally) cleaning…
    I’ve finally come to accept my son’s new interior designing skills ha! #KCACOLS

  23. Laura says:

    So funny as always! Love your posts 🙂 I so hear you on the blimmin cushions – thinking of throwing ours out just to stop my son asking for a fort one more time! #justanotherlinky

  24. Fern says:

    This is brilliant. Because we are on one level (like a flat but with garages below rather than another flat) the girls stuff all has to stay in their bedroom. However they’ve taken to rolling marbles out of their bedroom door onto the landing and into the front room… They arnt fun to stand on. Neither are barbie shoes!
    Their bedroom is perfect toddler interior design though! And they wonder why their stuff gets broken!

  25. MMT says:

    We are yet to experience the crayons on walls scenario but my days are numbered!
    As always, perfectly brilliant 😉
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub!

  26. Small world as I think your toddler did our interior decoration! So true, I think we have given up trying to have a nice house until she has left home! Ha ha! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  27. Another great one. “An artfully arranged younger sibling squished into a corner is ideal.” OMG. You are hilarious my dear. And very clever. As always. Just gushing about your masterpieces to my hubby. Thanks for linking to #passthesauce

  28. This is (painfully) brilliant – although it does make me feel a bit better that your house is in a similar state of chaos! Thanks for cohosting #KCACOLS and sorry my comment is a bit late! One of those weeks… x

  29. Mrs Tubbs says:

    Just remember, you can never have too much Lego. It makes a marvelous conversation piece. (Assuming that “Ouch, I just trod on that?” or “Oh crap, I just hoovered up a load of the stuff” counts as conversation …!)

  30. ha ha – brilliant – toddlers and design – hmm! i remember my daughter at 3 wanting a purple pink green and yellow room – adamant – so we did it – and yes it was horrific but she liked it! Very funny read #familyfun

  31. Faye says:

    Oh my, you’ve captured the look of our home PERFECTLY! Just throw in a few Desitin-stained walls and carpets and it’s a perfect match.

  32. Anna Palmer says:

    Throw pillows…wait until the baby is older then she can really show you the meaning of the name. It does sound cozy chic. Or cluttered chaos. You can choose.

  33. Desanka @MommyBabyTime says:

    Haha!So many things I can relate to.When you have small children then you’ll get the best decoration no matter if you like it or not! #TwinklyTuesday

  34. It seems I am way before my time and have been rocking this design for 5 years now…such a trailblazer. It really is quite effortless to achieve and the way that it can change on a daily basis keeps this look fresh. #FridayFrolics

  35. Peachy is 1 and she already manages many of these. She must have a great sense of style. I dislike the water features the most. I keep putting cups out of her reach, but her little arms keep getting longer. Soon no space will be safe. #FridayFrolics

  36. Funnily enough, I looked at my carpets this morning, covered in mascara and nail polish and thought to myself: I’m not bothering changing them until the kids have all left home. It doesn’t get any better when they’re older – I’m still chic 🙂 Alison x #FridayFrolics

  37. Emma says:

    Haha, I am so on trend. I have many water features in my living-room and my interior designer very artfully covered our walls in chocolate hand prints and stickers #FridayFrolics

  38. The minimalist look just doesn’t work for us, too much clutter! On the odd days that you can see the floor, it just looks weird so along comes the 4 yr old with his giant box of dinosaurs and suddenly we have jurassic park in the lounge again and all is well with the world 😉 #fridayfrolics

  39. I feel like my toddler has been reading this list. Our living room is often decorated liberally with stickers, and I’m constantly stepping on blocks and other random toys. My living room used to look almost tidy once. I think. Many years ago. #FridayFrolics

  40. Lee Gaitan says:

    I remember this whole design motif in my own house from years gone by and it still influences some of my decorating choices. For example, I have modified the bookcase/bed look to the bookcase/office chair look.

    PS #9 killed me!

  41. Austin says:

    Hmmm…your children seem to borrow heavily from the Long Time Bachelor’s school of interior design. 🙂

    Commenting about a friend, of course… 😉

  42. Hilarious! Too true! Witnessed all those design ideas today actually at my daughter’s house with two grandsons aged 4 and 2. Littlest took nap on the floor amongst toys with his head against the door so we couldn’t push it open to stop him from doing whatever it was we couldn’t see on the monitor.

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