You Know The Rules: The Ten Funniest Things The Toddler Said Last Week

Time once more for the Ten Funniest Things feature, this week guest starring Michael the Dinosaur.

Michael would like the present The Toddler:

1. On dinosaurs, ridiculously named
The Toddler has a placemat with dinosaurs on it. Usually she puts her bowl on the placemat, eats her meals, and no more is said. However, The Toddler feels it is about time she had a bit more interaction with her placemat. She picks it up and addresses one of the dinosaurs: ‘Want a drink, Michael?’ (Michael?! Michael the Dinosaur?!) The Toddler proceeds to answer on behalf of Michael (Michael!) the Dinosaur: ‘Yes, thank you.’ Michael would like some water. He would also like everyone to stop calling him Michael. It’s ruining his street cred.*

(*Remember the velociraptor terrorising the people in the kitchen in Jurassic Park? Imagine if he’d been called Michael. Michael the Velociraptor would have been laughed out of that kitchen. Phil, the infamous Dinosaur Supervisor, might have got to keep his job.)

2. On drawings of faces, showing appropriate concern for them
The Toddler has been practising drawing. And empathising. She likes to draw (with help, of course) faces with different expressions. And then empathise with them, apparently. Silly Mummy says, ‘Shall we draw a sad face?’ Silly Mummy helps The Toddler to draw a sad face. The Toddler studies it with a concerned expression: ‘Oh no, that poor boy!’

3. On birthdays, not sharing
The Toddler has been informed that it is Granny’s birthday. This makes her a little irate. She has just realised that it is, in fact, her birthday too (it is not). She is rather indignant at the cheek of Granny, who apparently expects to share The Toddler’s not birthday: ‘No, it’s my birthday! Granny go away!* That’s a bad thing to do!’ There you have it: the brass neck of some people, swanning around, having birthdays like it’s a perfectly acceptable way to behave!

(*It should be noted that Granny is not even present. The Toddler has simply been told in passing that, somewhere out there, Granny is having her birthday. The Toddler is not one to overreact.)

4. On salmon, he’s in the car
The Toddler is eating salmon. Silly Mummy says, ‘Salmon’s nice, isn’t it?’
The Toddler quite agrees: ‘Yes, salmon’s in the car, isn’t he?’ Um…The Toddler may have confused the fish salmon with the name Simon. As you do.

5. On herself, needing discipline
The Toddler may be naughty, but at least she is self aware. She announces: ‘Yes, I do need Nanny McPhee.’

6. On raisins, imaginary chocolate
The Toddler has finally taken imaginary play to its logical conclusion – believing her food is covered in chocolate when it is not. Silly Mummy has given The Toddler a tub with some normal raisins in it. For some reason (it’s called optimism), The Toddler is convinced the raisins are chocolate raisins. She peers into the tub: ‘It’s got choccy raisins in it. I like choccy raisins.’ Silly Mummy expects an upset when The Toddler realises there are no chocolate raisins. Instead, The Toddler points at the raisins. She has apparently managed to locate the non-existent chocolate raisins: ‘There’s choccy raisins!’ She happily eats them.

7. On songs, not learning new ones
Grandma is making the mistake of trying to teach The Toddler a new song. The Toddler does not believe in new songs. Songs are only songs if The Toddler knows them. It’s a mystery how The Toddler learnt any songs at all. She is not learning this one. She is shouting over Grandma’s stubborn singing: ‘I can’t sing that one! I don’t know that one! No, Grandma, that’s not fair!’

8. On nannying
The Toddler is holding her broomstick up over her head and carrying her doctor’s kit. She marches through the living room, declaring, ‘I’m going to see the childrens.’ Yes, she’s impersonating Mary Poppins, with a broomstick as an umbrella and a doctor’s kit in place of the carpet bag. Now, who would like to leave their ‘childrens’ in the competent and responsible hands of Toddler Poppins?

9. On knowing the rules
The Toddler is trying to hit the cat with a broomstick, and has been told off. She understands the situation and the need for swift disciplinary measures. Yes indeed: Silly Mummy is being very badly behaved and must be stopped. The Toddler acts promptly, informing Silly Mummy: ‘You know the rules!* Go on naughty step! That’s naughty from you!’

(*Apparently, there is a rule that Silly Mummy is not to tell The Toddler to stop trying to hit the cat with a broomstick. Silly Daddy must have approved that rule.)

10. On pandas, wearing them
The Toddler has a couple of items of clothing with pandas on them, which she loves (and is keen to ensure no one tries to steal). However, it appears that she may have become confused as to what pandas actually are. It seems she may believe they themselves are some kind of clothing. Silly Mummy is looking at pictures of the new baby pandas born in China. The Toddler wanders over and peers at the pictures: ‘Oh pandas! Can I put them on?’ No wonder pandas are endangered. Their food has little nutrition, they don’t mate, toddlers are wearing them…

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  1. Robyn says:

    I wish my imagination was still so vivid I could envision carrot sticks as chocolate bars etc, that would go a long way towards encouraging healthy eating. Out of interest have you tried to extend the imaginary chocolate to other, less appetising foods?! #parentingpicks

  2. Catie says:

    The last one is my favourite today although I did chuckle at shouting over grannies singing too. I like the idea of Michael the placemat. Our dinosaur placemats were never actually named but have been fed at one time? #thelist

  3. Carol Hedges says:

    We are just ‘getting the hang’of birthdays…. you sing, hand out imaginary cake and blow out candles. You do this a lot. It’s amazing how many people/toys have birthdays in Little G’s house….

  4. Toddlers wearing pandas? Pah haha. Love it! I also wish I had The Toddlers optimism where raisins are concerned… *closes eyes and imagines them before they went all dried up and wrinkly. Then imagines them being squished and all the lovely juice coming out. Wine. Yes that’s it. I’m imagining wine…. * :0) Love your blog! #justanotherlinky x

  5. Melody says:

    Hahaha Salmon is nice indeed. How very dare nanny having a birthday too. Lol just brilliant! Keep it coming, toddler, best read to brighten up our days. xx πŸ˜‰

  6. Mim says:

    I am so envious of the toddlers ability not only to cover food in imaginary chocolate but to actually be content when eating it too – honestly if I could get this to work for me I would be THIN. THIN!!! Hee hee who does Granny think she is, we all know that toddlers have their birthday EVERY day πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up to #ParentingPicks Mim x

  7. Oh I love her! She sounnds so chatty and beyone her years with her chattery yet the things she says…..fabulous. Can she please tell me how to believe that normal food is chocolate covered? Sh could actually earn a fortune if she could teach us al1! Thanks for linking to #Findtribe

  8. She is highly hilarious!
    Once a friend did leave Salmon in the car. We were out and he had a bit too much to drink so I drove him home. Two days later he went to get his car, it was the middle of summer. He had totally forgot he had put the leftovers from dinner in his trunk. It was 90 degrees outside and that salmon had sat in the car for 2 days! It smelled so horrid.
    So tell Toddler to get the salmon out of the car! LOL

  9. Ah too funny – the things they come out with! I need to start writing down some of mine’s as it’s amazing how quickly you forget. I did have a “STOP getting in my way” from the 4 y/o this week when I bashed into her with the buggy when she stepped in front of it!

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